Hugglets Winter BearFest 2019

The Hugglets Winter BearFest takes place on Sunday 24th February 2019

10.30am-4.00pm in Kensington Town Hall, London

Meet thousands of teddy bears and artists from all over the world in the heart of London.

About the Festival

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Exhibitor List


About the Festival

Hugglets Winter BearFest is Europe’s first major teddy show of the year. It features around 170 stands and over 10,000 teddy bears for sale, with prices ranging from a few pounds to over £1,000. Both antique and modern bears will be there plus clothes and accessories as well as bear-making supplies. A teddy bear hospital will also be on hand, offering treatment to well-loved and injured bears.

I flew in for the event from Northern Ireland. So worth it. Fantastic day and so much to see. We arrived just after 10.30am and hours later we were still there. We met some amazing artists and loved every minute of it. The range of bears, books, supplies and advice was endless. Pure heaven.
Stephanie McEvoy, Visitor of Hugglets Winter BearFest 2018

A perfect event for collectors, enthusiasts or just interested parties.

See how Hugglets visitor Alex Tomlin experienced last Winter BearFest:

Exhibitor List

We’re looking forward to welcoming these wonderful exhibitors:
(last update 11th January 2019)

ABC – Tedi Bach Hug, 138
Daniel Agnew, 77
Lena Akodis, 47
All You Can Bear, 18B
Ann Made Bears, 102A
Anna Dazumal, 137A
Arctophilia Designs, 22
Olga Arkhipova, 61
Artig & frech, 60
Asquiths Teddy Bear Shop, 67
Atelier Bear in Mind, 29
Atelier Sigma, 39
Aunt Owl, 118
Baby Talk Bears by Soyo, 69
Barbara-Ann Bears, 14
Bärenkinder, 85
Bean Bruins, 83A
Bear Basics, 15…17
The Bear Garden, 24
Bear Rhymes, 28
The Bear Shop (Totnes), 5
Bear With Me, 92
Bearlytherehugs, 84
Bearmore Bears, 100A
Bears ‘N’ Company, 46
Bears from the Boot, 18A
Bears of Bath, 139
Bears of Verity Ltd, 130
Bears To Collect, 18
Bell Bears, 33
Bisson Bears, 73
Blinko Bears, 57
Bon Bon Marchee, 20
Bonhomie Bears, 109
Bourton Bears, 65
BowerBird Bears, 75A
Bradgate Bears, 41
Brierley Bears, 112
Bumble Bears, 141B
Burlington Bearties, 21
CarroBears, 99
Chichibears, 37
Christopher’s Chairs, 111A
CityPlush, 74
Claire’s Bears, 95
CodeName Butterfly, 105
Collectorbears by Annerose Schneider, 34
Conradi Creations, 18D
Karin de Lorzenzo, 19
Deans Bears & Clemens Bears, 68
Do Do Bears, 143
Dooby’s Knitting Needles, 12A
Dot Bird… Restoration, 72A
ds-baeren, 59
Earth Angels Studios, 54
Elena Handmade For You, 55
Everyn Rose, 50
Flutter-By Bears, 123
Flying Horse Restorations, 104
Foxglove Bears, 114
Frou-Frou Bears, 94
Futch Bears, 27
Gill Dobson Bears, 127
Jo Greeno, 87
Mariia Gusarova, 18C
Gyll’s Bears, 102
Leanda Harwood, 12
Hidden Cove Bears, 101
Higgys Bears, 36
Hoblins, 3
Pam Howells, 62
Hugoshouse, 7
Titina Ion, 89
Italianbear, 89
Olga Ivanelo, 58
Jan’s Tiddy Bears, 12B
Japan Teddy Bear Co. Ltd, 115
Jenni Bears, 120
Ju-Beary Bears, 107
JuNa Art, 140A
K-Craft Teddies, 70
K.M. Bears, 141A
Katie Rae Bears, 136
Kaycee Bears, 77A
Kaysbears, 140
Kaz Bears, 141
Kevinton Bears, 107A
Kitty B Bears, 100
Natalia Kolesnikova, 18C
Kösen UK, 25
Olena Kulakovska, 52
Lake District Bears, 103A
Lefty Bears, 30
Lindal Bears, 113
Little Teds by Suzanne Carss, 81
The Little Toy Dog Company, 142
Live Toys by Olga Titova, 140A
Lolly Bou Creations, 102B
Lovable Bears, 79
Mary Myrtle Miniatures, 90A
Melancholy Toys, 128
Mohair Bear..Supplies, 75B…75C
Monton Bears, 134
My Lovely Creatures, 146
My sweet Teddy by Yunia, 47
Mikiko Nakarai, 43
Nessa Bears, 51
Never Just a Bear, 116
Norbeary Fabrics, 13
Nugget Bears, 6
Nyxy Nook, 133
O’Little Shine Designs, 91A
The Old Bear Company, 72
Old Bears Lodge, 121
The Old Post Office Bears, 82
The Optimists, 4
Marina Osetrova, 48
Our Bears, 18E
Les Ours Tricotés, 93
Out of the Woods, 129
P’titeYu, 63
Pic-Nic-Bears, 122
Pipaluck Bears, 99A
Pipedream Bears, 11
Pipkins Bears, 71
Pod Bears, 108
Pogmear Bears, 95A
Puzzle Bears, 97
Sue Quinn, 10
Tetiana Sadovska, 88
Sally B Gollies, 117
Samantha-jane Bears, 106
Scruffie Bears.., 126
SEA teddies by Elena Sidyakova, 42
Shantock Bears, 125
Julie Shepherd, 40
Shoebutton Bears, 66
Mary Shortle, 45
Siberian Born Bears, 44
Stonehenge Bears, 131
Paula Strethill-Smith, 56
Sue Pearson Bears.., 26
Sueyi’s Bear, 49
Tabbyclouds, 98
Teddies Garden, 144
Teddy Bear Museum, 76
Teddy Bears of Witney, 8…9
Teddy Bears Picknick, 78
Teddy Poor Paws, 92
Teddy Station, 132
Teds from the Tyne, 91
Thingumy & Co, 137
ThReAdTeDs, 31
Tickety Boo Bears, 141C
Una Casa & Co, 83
Vectis Auctions Ltd, 110
Vintage Bears, 75
Vita Comoda teddy, 80
Whittle-Le-Woods Bears, 81A
Wickenden Bears, 38
The Wild Things, 35
Woodland Teddies, 64
The Wright Hug, 95A
Xipi Totec, 119

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