How to exhibit

Although many stands are allocated to our long-standing exhibitors, we can always allocate spaces at each event to exhibitors new to Hugglets. You are welcome to register your interest at any time by supplying a few photographs of your work (this can be done most easily by email attachment) and indicating which events you are interested in attending.

When we receive your ‘registration of interest’, we will acknowledge receipt, and if we feel we might be able to offer space at some point in the future, we will keep your photographs on file for consideration whenever space comes up.

Our assessment is based on the originality and quality of work and the overall appeal perceived by your photos. We will also note recommendations from existing exhibitors. Since 2003, we have been implementing a points system which also takes note of advertising in the Hugglets Teddy Bear Guide (visitors are often keen to see exhibitors they recognise from the Guide).

Not all exhibitors are bear artists. We also include specialist bear shops, dealers in old bears and suppliers of other related products and services such as bear-making supplies.

Hugglets Teddy Bear Festivals take place in February and September. The tables are generally 183 cm long by 76 cm wide (6′ x 2′ 6″) though some are wider. Prices vary from £150 to £195 + VAT where applicable. Our general policy is to make only single stands available in order to include as many applicants as possible (a few exhibitors do have two stands for historical reasons). It is possible for two artists to share a stand in which case there’s a fee of £50. Dates and further details are available here.

Opening hours for Hugglets Club members
Sunday 10.30 am to 4 pm

Opening hours for the public
Sunday 11.30 am to 4 pm

Set up time for exhibitors
Sunday 8.30 am to 10.30 am

The Hugglets Online Festival is a new format. The exhibition fee is £120 for advertisers in the Hugglets Teddy Bear Guide and £150 for everyone else. Exhibitors have their own shopping window – a picture gallery in a closed Facebook group. They can show up to 30 items there. At least 80 per cent of these items must be exclusively presented at the Hugglets Online Festival. They shall not be shown at any other website or shop before or during the Hugglets Online Festival.

If you would like to register your interest in exhibiting please use our Registration Form.

We look forward to hearing from you.