Hugglets Christmas Extravaganza 2022

Starting as a replacement for real-life shows during the Covid pandemic, our Online Festival grew into marvellous events. Accessible to everyone worldwide, they are much more than only online sales shows. We aim to entertain you with various lectures, live interviews, masterclasses and short documentaries. The Hugglets Christmas Extravaganza brought you fabulous artists with brand-new exclusive works and exciting content.

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(Last update 25 November 2022)

The Hugglets Christmas Extravaganza took place on Saturday, 26 November, from 10 am to 6 pm GMT in a closed Facebook Group. The event was free for Hugglets Club Members.

10 am Live Opening

11 am Live Talk with Exhibitors

12 pm Beary Earring Tutorial

Fetch a cuppa and your glasses, today, we are making a teeny-weeny teddy bear earring! Sabine Cheshire shows you how to sew a marvellous Teddy Bear earring. The Teddy bear head (without eye pin and bead cap) 2 x 2 cm (0.7 x 0.7“) is sewn from sassy smokey long pile fabric, has 2mm Onyx bead eyes, an embroidered nose, and is filled with sheep wool. In a video tutorial, Sabine will show you how to make your own step-by-step.

1 pm Live Talk with Odesa, Ukraine

Under the challenging circumstances of permanent missile attacks, some Ukrainian collectors, artists and enthusiasts are planning the exhibition “The Bear Is Always With You” in Odesa – a Christmas project for children and adults. We will talk with some of the organisers and artists involved to learn more about the project.


2 pm Lecture on Newark Bears

Join Joanne McDonald from Vectis Auctions to take a closer look at the infamous “Newark Bear”. What is the history behind these creations, how to identify them, and when to buy or not to buy. This will be an exciting journey into the world of “reproductions”.


3 pm Masterclass Materials

Join Nelli Sazonova’s Masterclass “Materials Science”, and you’ll become a guru in materials for teddy bears. You will find out which fabrics are suitable for sewing bears, how to understand the types of fabrics, how to choose a fabric for a specific idea, the difference between Steiff-Schulte viscose and Helmbold viscose or how not to get lost in the variety of mohair. Anything else? Yes, there will also be a lot of information about cotton, alpaca, and synthetic fur.

4 pm Live Talk with Rebekah Kaufman

In a live interview, Steiff expert Rebekah “Steiffgal” Kaufman will reveal some of her favourite items from her fabulous collection. The 1920s and early 1930s produced some of the most adorable and endearing toy and Teddy bear patterns. Known for their childlike presentations and personalities, unconventional colours and fuzzy fabrics, and careful detailing, these friends-for-life by Steiff and other important European plush manufacturers continue to delight collectors today. Come listen in as Rebekah talks about six of her favourite items from this era from her collection – and the stories behind them.

5 pm Tea Time with Jena Pang

Join collector Jena and Festival organiser Sebastian for a chat at the end of an exciting day. They will talk about Christmas, memories and treasures in Jena’s bear collection. And maybe there will be some more guests.



Exhibitor List

(Last update 25 November 2022)

Barbara-Ann Bears, United Kingdom
Bearleigh Bears, Australia
Bearlythere, United Kingdom
Bearlytherehugs, United Kingdom
Bears ‘N’ Company, Canada
Bears from Middle-earth, New Zealand
Bears From The Meadows, Australia
Bearwildered Bears, Australia
BeeBears, Germany
Bisson Bears, Norway
Chichibears, Belgium
Creations by Heather, Australia
Gilles Baeren, Germany
Miho Hamaguchi, Japan
Happy Day Bears, Estonia
Jan’s Tiddy Bears, United Kingdom
jazzzbears, United Kingdom
Kevinton Bears, United Kingdom
Kledi-Bären, Germany
Akemi Konno, Japan
Lake District Bears, United Kingdom
Love Bears All Things, Australia
Kseniya Moroz, Israel
Nessa Bears, United Kingdom
Netty’s Bears, United Kingdom
Never Just a Bear, United Kingdom
Otto Bears, United Kingdom
Pawley Made, Australia
Pic-Nic-Bears, France
Pipedream Bears, United Kingdom
Puzzle Bears, United Kingdom
Shaz Bears, Australia
Sue Quinn, United Kingdom
Scruffie Bears by Susan Pryce, United Kingdom
Julie Shepherd, United Kingdom