Tatiana Beloshkurskaya


email: tatabe@mail.ru
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tatyana.beloshkurskaya

Hello! My name is Tatiana Beloshkurskaya.  I am a Teddy Bear artist from Russia, and I have been in this wonderful Teddy world for about 10 years. I want to say that this world is beautiful, and I love it very much.  It constantly surprises me, and I try to surprise it too. I have received many awards in various competitions; I took part in international exhibitions (Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, China). Most of all, it makes me happy to see many photos with my bears from different parts of the world.

Sometimes fairy tales come to my mind, and then fantasy characters are born, and sometimes I find excitement in the simple image of my long-loved Teddies. This year, especially for the Hugglets, I prepared the Golden Bears collection.  Warm, gentle, lively and soft, with the colour of the Sun.  Let them hug you and warm you with paws, and smile at you with kind eyes.

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