Regina Marti

United Kingdom

Regina Marti, Glasgow
Instagram: @marti_creates
Swiss Textile Artist creating Teddy Bears, Dolls and Felted Friends, currently living in Glasgow.

Regina Marti is a self-taught Doll and Teddy Bear artist. She grew up in Switzerland but has moved all over the world with her family.

Crafting has always been an important part of Regina’s life. She has stitched her first Teddy bears in the 1990s and in 2008 Regina created her first cloth doll. Teddy bear and Doll making are very rewarding and comforting. One starts with some wool and fabric and suddenly a little person or bear is looking at you. “This helped me cope with our moves all around the world and raising children far away from our families”, says the artist who now lives with her family in Glasgow, Scotland.

Regina creates her dolls from soft sheep’s wool, cotton jersey fabric and mohair yarn using different techniques – such as needle felting, soft sculpting, sewing, crocheting and knitting. Regina also enjoys working with the wonderful selection of high-quality Teddy bear fabric and furs and her bears are all hand-stitched.

Creating a charming, friendly character with great attention to little details is a key feature in her work and makes this doll and bear making the journey so exciting. After the completion of a new character, Regina enjoys taking photographs in different settings. This is a crucial process for presentation but also to be able to let go into the world what took the artist countless hours to create in her small studio.

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