Natascha Sabo


by Natascha Sabo
Draisstr. 1
75196 Remchingen

Since I was a little kid in kindergarten I loved all sorts of crafts. Through my teenage years, I tried many different crafting techniques and finally, studied fashion design.

So, in 1995, when I came across a do-it-yourself – kit for a teddy bear in my local department store, I couldn’t resist. I was immediately hooked and became addicted to bear making. I was still a student at that time, always short of money and had only a small apartment and so, my bears became smaller and smaller and to this day I have been doing miniature bears. In 2004, I discovered my passion for naturalistic bears and after experimenting with other styles in the past years, I’m back to naturalistic. Most of my bears and animals have open mouths with modelled teeth. I like to work with wired arms, legs and spines so that my creatures can be posed in many different ways. My bears have won awards and nominations around the world and now I’m looking forward to presenting a brand new collection for the Hugglets Online Festival in September.

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