Jasmine Williams

United Kingdom

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jazzzbears/
Web: jazzzbears.com
Email: jazzzbears@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Jazz and I am the creator of jazzzbears. I live in Cornwall and like many, I have always loved teddy bears. I am also a collector of artists and vintage bears.

I made bears when my children were small then went down a different career path. For the past couple of years, I have been able to work from home part-time as a volunteer counsellor, therefore have lots of time to create new patterns and make my bears again.

All my bears are one of a kind and are handmade with mohair with only the best materials being used. I handmake their clothes and my partner at jazzzbears hand makes jewellery for them. I have three collections I am working on, original, jazzzy and a new classic jazzzbear for the show.

I also have vintage bears from my collection to bring to the show for your consideration.

Enjoy the show ❤️

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