Sharna Rothwell

United Kingdom

My name is Sharna Rothwell. I’m a Scottish lass, now resident in lovely Buckinghamshire.

I work fulltime for a practical effects studio, based in Aylesbury who make prosthetics, props, costumes and animatronics for the film and television industry. It’s a fantastic and diverse role which allows me to learn and practice many different skills and techniques.

I started making teddy bears about 8/9 years ago, but it wasn’t too long before I began to concentrate on donkeys, horses and other animals. Growing up on a farm in Angus has inspired everything I do. A lifelong animal lover, I love to create as many different types of animals as possible. I think people know me best for my donkeys though.

I’ve exhibited regularly at Hugglets so I’m really excited to be a part of this new online experience. See you all soon!

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