Sabine Cheshire


My name is Sabine Cheshire and I started to make teddy bears in 1998 while living in the UK. Now I am living in a small town near Berlin, Germany. During my visit to the Kensington Dolls House Festival in London, I saw miniature bears for the first time and I was absolutely fascinated. I started directly to make miniature bears and because I was a keen knitter, I knitted the clothing on miniature needles (0,8 mm UK21).

Today I am not just making and designing miniature bears but many different critters, like snails, sheep, mice, rhinos, dodos and many more. None of them is bigger than 8 cm (3,5 inches), the smallest one I ever made was a 9 mm sheep (0,35 inches).

Most of my bears and animals are one of a kind, especially if they have hand-knitted clothing and handmade accessories. All my miniatures are disc jointed and filled with steel shot and sheep wool. I use a wide variety of materials like miniature teddy fabrics, rayon, plush and Ultra Suede.

I was very proud to win the Toby Industrial & Public Choice Awards 2019 with Ambrosius and his Alchemist Lab and there are some more ideas I would like to bring to life.

I love it to give my miniatures their own personality and I am happy if they put a little smile on your face.

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