Pauline Collison

United Kingdom


Hi, my name is Pauline Collison and I am the creator and proud owner of Xipi Totec, which I started way back in 1992. I began creating my bears after my husband, Steve, bought me a teddy bear kit from Oakley fabrics. I loved making Kit, that is what I called him, so much I bought some more mohair and made him a little sister called Kitty. These two bears sit proudly on my logo, they aren’t perfect but I love them so much I will never part with them.

After making my family and friends teddy bears for Christmas that year, I decided to see if I could sell them and so begun my journey into the wonderful and unique world of the teddy bear.

The name Xipi Totec was chosen by my husband, he came across it in the dictionary, it is believed to be the Mexican goddess of creativity and what better name for someone creating teddy bears. All my bears are lovingly created in the beautiful and picturesque New Forest, the gorgeous colours of the countryside inspire my bright and cheerful bears.

After nearly 30 years of designing and making teddy bears my love for creating them has never dwindled and I love seeing the joy they bring others. I am very much looking forward to being part of the new Hugglets Online Festival and sharing my new designs with you.

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