Olga Vedyagina


Mobile: +7 927 733 9118
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Instagram: @olga_vedyagina

My name is Olga Vedyagina and making teddies is a passion for me. Same as for lots of fans and teddy bear lovers who are visiting the amazing Hugglets Festivals every year.  I’m a creator from the lovely city Samara, located at the Bank of the Volga river at the heart of Russia.

Usually, I’m creating one of a kind tapirs, buffaloes and also anteaters. My secret of success is the attention to details: a charismatic image consists of many components. The most surprising thing is that personnel’s identity of my creations reflects the way I’m seeing my life. I prefer to create animals that are not traditionally sewn. My significant creatures are anteaters, I may say that I found myself with them. They brought me my first serious awards.

As for all of my creations, I feel that they are a metaphor for a journey into self: this is like a canvas where you can feel yourself sitting down at the bank of the river and smell the wet sand or being lost at a Springfield feeling the fragrance of a herbal meadow. Maybe you would like to enjoy the subtle but definite smell of a fresh-made bread from the nearest bakery or to feel the crunch of it. Everything is possible in your imagination so that is what I can suggest to you: feel your life with my creations.

I hope you will also like this magical world filled with sincerity, wide-open hearts… A world where you got your head out of the clouds.

I’m an exhibitor of Hugglets Festival for not so many years but the experience I have at the festivals, the atmosphere I feel there is very special for me and also for everyone who at least once has been there.  I’m already in the process of making exclusive creations for the Hugglets Online Festival. I think I won’t have many creations but they will be fully detailed as usual.

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