Olaf & Birgit von Dombrowski


Olaf & Birgit von Dombrowski
Helmholtzstr. 64, 50825 Cologne, Germany
email: olaf@the-travelling-teddy-bear.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheTravellingTeddyBear
Instagram: www.instagram.com/the_travelling_teddy_bear

We are Olaf & Birgit von Dombrowski from Cologne, Germany, and with our THE TRAVELLING TEDDY BEAR prints, calendars and other products we intend to make people happy. Olaf is the photographer while Birgit is the organiser and manages everything – except the weather on our journeys. Although based in Cologne, we are both in love with the UK, that’s why most of our journeys usually take us there.

Since 2018 we are attending Hugglets regularly and offering our prints, calendars, postcards & mugs to teddybear lovers. We are pleased to attend the first Online Festival and the three of us hope to meet you in person in September.

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