Miho Hamaguchi


One’s way Bear
2-3-22 Sakurano-cho, toyonaka,Osaka,560-0054,Japan
email: ones.way@ares.eonet.ne.jp
web: http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~onesway1998
Japanese teddy bear artist

My name is Miho Hamaguchi. I will be joining the Hugglets Festival for the first time.

I met my first teddy bear about 25 years ago. Immediately I wanted to make teddy bears, but at that time they weren’t very famous in Japan. I read a book on how to make teddy bears and just started.

I love traditional British and German bears. Because they have a very gentle look. Sometimes I make bears with realistic expressions and animals such as chickens, but I like to make classical teddy bears.

Osaka, where I live, is a historic city. There are a big castle and temples. I like the old Japanese clothes. I sometimes use them to decorate my bears.

I am honoured to participate in my first online festival. I am very much looking forward to seeing you.


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