Leanda Harwood

United Kingdom

Tel: 01529 300737
email: peter.woodcock8994@gmail.com
A large selection of good quality vintage bears and soft toys always in stock. See us at Hugglets Festivals.

When we bought our first old teddy bear together at an antique fair in Peterborough, we could never have envisaged that it would be the start of a 33 year long journey; a journey that would make us wonderful new friends and lead us to discover so many amazing old bears and animals along the way.

We have been exhibiting at Hugglets for over 20 years now and at major German teddy shows for much longer.  The first TEDDYBÄR TOTAL shows we attended in Hennef were incredible, as were Giengen and Wiesbaden; still three of our favourite events.  We have also exhibited at shows in Belgium and Holland and in cities like Vienna and Zurich, so are well known to most European collectors.  We travel regularly (except for this year of course) to many other countries on buying trips, to source the wonderful things we have had over the years.  Having been around for over three decades, standing at fairs and shows (Newark International Antiques fair was one of our first!), we are sure collectors who know us would endorse our reputation for being honest, fair and knowledgeable.

Being collectors ourselves, we love to meet likeminded people at the shows and as such, we have kept exclusively to exhibiting at traditional venues.  Nothing comes close to seeing and handling all the wonderful old bears and animals on display, coupled with the anticipation of maybe making that great find to take home.  Enthusing with collectors at a real-life event has been the catalyst of long-standing friendships made over many years.  The social side has just been the icing on the cake for us and we have had some memorable times and evenings out with friends and exhibitors alike.

We all expect some changes along the way, but a virtual show like this was not something we could have imagined when we started on this journey.  Unfortunately, the virus has threatened not only our health but so many of the pleasures we have all taken for granted – almost a year now without a major teddy bear show!  So for us, this is a new adventure and hopefully a new medium to meet more collectors and friends.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and for the opportunity to offer a small selection of what we have, online.

Peter & Leanda Woodcock

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