Kseniya Moroz


Tel: 00 97 25 24 52 24 21
email: ks.moroz.bubot@gmail.com
web: www.kmteddy.com
Kind & Bright Teddies from the Mediterranean Sea!

“Hello! I am Ksenia” – This is how I would introduce myself in a real acquaintance, smiling shyly. And due to this shyness, you would never have guessed that I am an actress by education, well a puppeteer to be more precise. Only when the acquaintance becomes close I would talk about this side of my life.

But, today I will be brave enough to tell you about everything.

Puppet theatre is what brought me into the teddy world. For me, those two worlds are inseparable – they both inspire culture and imagination in people because it is us – people, who give dolls and puppets their “soul”. We see something of us in them.

I’ve started my teddy “voyage” in 2014. It was also the year I fell in love with a young Israeli director, became his wife and moved to Israel. At that time there was little known about teddies in Israel, but I’ve decided to go on, and now this culture is gaining popularity.

So I want to say just one thing: Fantasise, play – and the world will fill with beautiful colours, comfort, warmth and love. And the Teddies – they will happily give you all of these back. They are very generous when it comes to feelings.

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