Katherine Uphill

United Kingdom

Exmouth, Devon EX8 1DB
email: info@teddiesgarden.co.uk
web: www.teddiesgarden.co.uk
Beautiful bears and their clothes created from the finest quality materials by Katherine Uphill using traditional bear-crafting and floral art techniques.

Greetings from Devon! I have been interested in crafts since I was a child. My mother was a seamstress and I always sewed alongside her, making miniature clothes, although not for dolls or bears because my parents could not afford them. In the upper years of my primary school, I was taught how to crochet and knit and my works were always on display on school open days. But all of that went out of the window when I was in secondary school because academic success was all that counted. I became a teacher and, to further my education, I came to England where I met my husband and later acquired my first teddy bear – a miniature for 99p. That got me hooked onto bears and I became a collector.

After some years in teaching, I changed my career and started my handmade greeting cards shop to begin with and then a silver jewellery business. I also picked up sewing again. I made my first bear in 2011. I was encouraged to take part in a teddy bear competition and got first prize in the hobbyist category. In 2012 I sent off another bear to take part in an international competition and, again, got the first prize. I could not stop making bears from then on.

My enthusiasm now is dressing my teddies because I believe in some sort of interaction with my bears. I like to see them with different clothes for different seasons, festivals and occasions and different accessories with their outfits. Now I sew, crochet and knit again. All the bear clothes I make are removable. They can be put on or taken off the bear with ease. I like to call them “Bearable Wearables”! Premiering at the Hugglets Online Festival, I intend to feature these clothes on my Teddies Garden website.

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