Julie Guiver

United Kingdom

5 Deirdre Avenue, Wickford, Essex, SS12 0AX
Mob: +44 77 11 19 12 41
email: jubearybears@hotmail.co.uk
web: www.jubearybears.com
Award winning OOAK artist bears and friends. Original designs, made from the finest mohair and alpaca. See photo in Bear Gallery.


Hello, my name is Julie Clark (nee Guiver) and together with my Mum, Betty, we created Ju-Beary Bears 20 years ago. We have always felt very proud and privileged to be a part of the amazing World of Bear Artistry and have been honoured to have won several prestigious awards for our originally designed collectable artist bears. Betty retired a few years ago but she still loves to attend the wonderful Hugglets Festivals each year which we have always thoroughly enjoyed and she still helps cut out the fabric for the bears.

I have always loved bears and other furry animals ever since I was a child. I can still remember that if I received a stuffed toy for Christmas, it was always the most loved and cherished of all my presents and I’m still the same now. My most treasured bear of all time is the handmade Winne the Pooh that Mum made for me for my 10th Birthday. As well as my love for bears, I have always loved drawing, sewing and knitting, basically anything creative.

I love to create and design bears and furry friends from the finest quality alpaca but occasionally use mohair too. One of the key characteristics of our bears is that they all feature a wobble head joint which gives them a cute endearing look and makes them very pose-able. I enjoy all aspects of bear-making but especially love scissor-sculpting, hand-painting or airbrushing the bear’s little face. Many things inspire my designs from different textures and colours of fabrics, trimmings, accessories to fairy tale illustrations and mystical woodland characters in children’s books. I particularly love designing the elf bears and decorating their little hats and matching shoes.

I am very much looking forward to designing some show exclusives for the first-ever Hugglets Online Festival and being a part of this special event. I look forward to seeing you there!

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