Jan Aldogan

United Kingdom

2 Maritime Court, Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 9AP
Mob: +44 78 89 79 46 37
email: janstiddybears@gmail.com
web: http://fb.me/janstiddybears
Award-winning miniature bear artist. Lovingly designed and hand-sewn miniatures by Jan. One to four inches. Commissions are taken.

Hello. My name is Jan and I’m the lady behind Jan’s Tiddy Bears. I started creating my critters over 18 years ago when I was made redundant along with my then boss, but now best friend. We used to meet regularly, chat and do job searches. We both had an interest in making bears so decided to sew whilst chatting. Many an evening we would be so deep in sewing that there was no conversation! With stock building, we decided to start attending bear fairs beginning with Copthorne and the rest is history

I specialise in miniature and micro bears and the name came about really by accident. I was visiting a friend and took some bears to show her children my newfound hobby. With lots of oohs and ahhs my friend exclaimed “aren’t they tiddy?” and so the Tiddy Bears were born.

Eventually, I found employment but didn’t stop the visits to my bestie or showing at the fairs. It’s been the most fun ever, as I’ve met so many amazing artists and collectors. I can’t see myself now without my hobby and thankfully I’ve got a Fiance who understands. He likes visiting the shows with me and says he’s my top salesperson, but I think he just likes chatting up the ladies!

Being accepted into Hugglets many years ago was a big turnaround for me, and that’s when I started to expand into other critters rather than just bears. It’s sad that there’s no show for me to meet everyone, but excited to be attending my first ever online fair. I’ve been working hard to create new critters as well as produce some old favourites, so I hope you’ll love looking at my creations.

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