James Sturges

United Kingdom

94 High Street, The Narrows, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5SN
Tel: 01803 866868/866086
email: james@zoomcollectables.co.uk
web: www.zoomcollectables.co.uk
Steiff, Hermann, Dean’s, Merrythought, Deb Canham, artist bears and more.

We miss the Hugglets wonderful Festivals, very much. We have always been shopkeepers, with face to face contact and so the Festivals, although a long way from Totnes, were like our home ground: in particular, we miss the excitement, the banter, the sharp intake of breath when a customer asks about prices.

At Hugglets Festivals we also had the chance to catch up with overseas customers and colleagues from far away places such as Japan, the USA, and New Zealand, as well as from all over Europe. So we have opened a small website: www.zoomcollectables.co.uk to make air contact possible, and to give all our customers and colleagues a chance to get in touch with us, and, we will also be joining the Hugglets Online Festival.

Best wishes from James and Norissa Sturges

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