Hazel Dancey

United Kingdom

email: hazelh2o@aol.com
web: www.facebook.com/kevintonbears
Cute and little Teddy Bear friends handmade by artist Hazel Dancey. Please visit my Facebook page. Thank you!

Hi, my name is Hazel and I am the creator of Kevinton Bears – from the designing and making of the bears to the artwork, photographs and content for my Facebook page.

I live with my husband Kevin and all my other bears in our cosy home in Surrey, England, where every so often if I’m lucky a new small bear will appear.  (I’m certain they climb out to Kevin’s rucksack after he returns home from work.)  And as a result of these comforting little chaps dotted around, I have started creating beary characters of my own.

I have always enjoyed being creative and excelled in Art at School and after successfully completing my Art Foundation Course I was lucky enough to gain a degree in Illustration from The University of Westminster.  And now… I hope to spread a little happiness through Kevinton Bears, with the help and inspiration from my husband and the bear world, so big thank you to all of you.

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