Evelyn Rossberg



Hello! My name is Evelyn and I am very glad to be a part of the new online show. I never have been as fortunate as to present my hand made creations on the famous Hugglets and I am absolutely thrilled and curious about this experience. I hope my creations will fill you with joy.

In addition to traditional teddy bears, pets and wild animals I love to make one of a kind, unique trolls, gnomes, hybrid creatures, miniatures and caricatures. My favourite materials are rare plushes, silk, mohair, Cernit and Apoxy sculpt.

Besides I’m passionate about writing stories of a mousy little rat, longing to be an admired ballet-rat. Even though her only friend – a wise and old-fashioned teddy bear – told her: “Forget it. It’s absolutely impossible!” Is it really?

Developing these characters, I also paint and design them in plush and Polymer-Clay, so I will show them in a story-related collection with all the other creatures. I’m looking forward to the possible chance of presenting them at the wonderful Hugglets in London.

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