Feedback to the first Hugglets Online Festival

The very first Hugglets Online Festival was something completely new. So there have been some concerns and doubts. The happier we have been to receive so many lovely messages afterwards. Here are some of them:
Absolutely amazing job. The festival in my opinion was a triumph.  The effort that you made and the support you provided was amazing. The videos and tours were brilliant and really pushed the boundaries of what you were offering in terms of a show for visitors and exhibitors alike. For me personally, I sold very well and have a very full order book over the next few months.  I received orders from international customers that may not have attended the shows in person. Looking forward to the next one.
Jackie Miller, exhibitor
With my hand on my heart, I can honestly say that from a personal exhibitors point of view I had an absolutely wonderful time. It was without a doubt the best online show that I’ve participated in. Lovely and easy to add my creations in a clear and concise way and easy for collectors to find and access. I had massive doubts about the venture at the beginning but I’m so glad that I put my trust in you guys and joined in. You always go above and beyond at the fair as you did with the online show. I’ve had such positive feedback from people worldwide that were so happy that they had a chance to participate as they would never be able to attend Hugglets in person normally. You’ve really opened it up to them. The content of the show was incredible too, you took it to the next level and it was indeed a festival. Great work and much appreciated.
Anita Finning, exhibitor
Wow! What a brilliant online Bearfest! I have never used Facebook before, but I have been on my husbands Facebook for most of the last three days. The brilliant thing about online is that I can attend in my pyjamas if I want to! It was an advantage to me not to have to travel to London.
Eileen Priddy, visitor
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I think that the organisation was wonderful and I enjoyed every moment. I was very excited to participate and as a new participant, it was great for me that the collection had so much interest.
Kseniya Moroz, exhibitor
Congratulations to you all on a great job! So very difficult to do and something to be so proud of as nothing anything like it has been done before!
Lindy Mullard, visitor
Many thanks for this wonderful Festival. It was truly a highlight in these difficult times. It opened a new circle of customers to me and I was more than happy with sales.  It was my very first online show as I always hesitated to take part in one of the many recently started. But I know you as a brilliant organiser, gave you my trust and I can say: It was worth it.
Jutta Michels, exhibitor
I am so glad it was such a success. Sales were brilliant. Thank you so much, the videos were great as well, it must have been such hard work and worry.
Anita Weller, exhibitor
The feedback I got from my customers were all really positive and it’s been lovely to meet so many new international customers who wouldn’t normally have the chance to get to the London show.
Sharna Rothwell, exhibitor
Our festival (can I say ours?) turned out to be special! I have participated in other shows and it really is! The atmosphere of a holiday, an exhibition! It is very important! I do not know how to make your show better 🙂
Elena Volchkova, exhibitor
Thank you for letting me do the online show, it was really great. You all did such a wonderful job it must have taken so much hard work, apart from a few hiccups on Friday it all went so smoothly. It was great to be able to chat with people even if they didn’t buy anything, but many of my bears found new homes. A very good show. It was lovely to take part as I can no longer get to London to do a live Hugglets, I really missed doing them.
Lorraine Jones, exhibitor