Welcome to the first Hugglets Online Festival

Picture: linavita, stock.adobe.com

We are excited to announce this new adventure.

The Festival takes place from Friday 26 February 10am to Sunday 28 February 6pm in a closed Facebook Group. We chose Facebook as it is an easy to use platform with no complicated technical requirements. It’s easy for you to find your way and understand the system. We will still be offering help with how-to videos and personal support. Besides, Facebook is the only platform that gives us all the opportunities we need to bring our vision to life – a Festival full of communication with lectures, interviews, tutorials, live events, special offers and valuable surprises. Just as in real-life fairs there will be a lot to discover besides awesome artists and dealers of antique bears.

The Festival is open to all collectors and enthusiasts. The Festival is free for members of the new Hugglets Club.

The number of exhibitors is limited. We want everyone to get the attention they deserve. And we don’t want you to get lost. That’s why we decided not to invite an endless number of artists and dealers. They all will mostly present artworks and products exclusively made for the Hugglets Online Festival. We aim to showcase the great variety of excellent teddy bear arts. Quality, uniqueness and style are the key factors for compiling the line-up. There will be well-known artists and dealers as well as some amazing talents you probably never heard of before. Closer to the event you’ll find the list of exhibitors here.

Picture: Yakobchuk Olena, stock.adobe.com