Wifi options for Hugglets exhibitors

Hugglets Festivals take place at the Kensington conference and exhibition centre which is part of the Kensington Town Hall complex in Hornton Street, Kensington, London, W8 7NX

1. The best option (if it works for you) is to connect to the free Wi-Fi network RBKC_VENUES. After connecting open your browser and you’ll be prompted to enter a code (available from reception for exhibitors only). Devices must accept cookies.

2. BT Openzone is also available in many parts of the building. The normal cost is £10 for the day (we understand it is free if you have BT Broadband at home) and you sign up and pay online by selecting and connecting to the available BT wireless network. Hugglets is not involved so please do this from your own stand. You can read more about this at www.btwifi.com

3. If you have a good mobile signal and you are using a smartphone with a data allowance you’ll be able to access the internet on your phone or else you could set up your own wifi hotspot. Please check your own phone settings for how to do this. The basic idea is that your phone will broadcast a wireless network with a password that you set, then connect as normal on your computer or tablet. Please note that not all mobile phone networks will penetrate all parts of the building so you’ll need to find a signal if necessary.

nb. We’d appreciate any feedback you can give on mobile and wifi reception so we can establish which networks work best in various parts of the building.