Hugglets TEDDIES Festival 2020

It is with great sadness that we have decided to cancel the 2020 Hugglets TEDDIES Festival. The kids and we were already looking forward to seeing you all again in September.

But considering all circumstances and after consulting with the authorities, we didn’t find a way to create a safe setting for our exhibitors and visitors in London. Your health and well-being is our priority. Besides that, international travel restrictions and the UK quarantine regulation would make it almost impossible for overseas guests to arrive.

We all are facing an unprecedented and challenging situation. As an organiser, we very much hope for your understanding and your support.

We are focusing now on the 2021 edition of Hugglets Teddy Bear Guide, which will be published in October. You will find thousands of amazing works by our wonderful exhibitors and other artists from all over the world. Support the artists in this challenging time and order your free copy now.

We hope to be back with a great bear fair on Sunday, 28th February 2021. By the way, your free copy of the guide contains two free tickets for each of our festivals in 2021.

Keep safe and stay healthy.

Kindest regards
Sebastian, Family & Team

The Hugglets TEDDIES Festival takes place on Sunday 13th September 2020

10.30am-4.00pm in Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX

Meet thousands of teddy bears and artists from all over the world in the heart of London.


About the Festival

Exhibitor List

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About the Festival

With more than 150 stands the Hugglets TEDDIES Festival is Europe’s most important teddy bear event in autumn. Meet and over 10,000 teddy bears for sale, with prices ranging from a few pounds to over £1,000. Both antique and modern bears will be there plus clothes and accessories as well as bear-making supplies. A teddy bear hospital will also be on hand, offering treatment to well-loved and injured bears.

I had a lovely time as always. Great to see the queue winding down the road. It’s been a few years since that happened. I’ve been attending the TEDDIES Festival since 1994 and I still have a wonderful time. Loved the exhibitions. I went home with Mick who I adopted from my favourite bear artist. Thanks to all the organisers for a super day.
Kerry Challenger, visitor Hugglets TEDDIES Festival 2019

A perfect event for collectors, enthusiasts or just interested parties.


Exhibitor List

These are our exhibitors in September so far. The list is growing. Please find the floor plan here.
(last update 23rd February 2020)

Daniel Agnew, Hall 2, Stand 40
Alders Bears & Elephants, Hall 1, Stand 10
All You Can Bear, Hall 3, Stand 84
Ann Made Bears, Hall 1, Stand 8
Archie Bears, Hall 2, Stand 65
Atelier Sigma, Hall 3, Stand 106
Bear Basics, Hall 3, Stand 81
The Bear Shop (Totnes), Hall 3, Stand 69
Bearcrafty, Hall 3, Stand 121
Bearlytherehugs, Hall 3, Stand 103
Bearmore Bears, Hall 4, Stand 149
Bell Bears, Hall 3, Stand 112
Tatiana Belousova, Hall 3, Stand 73
Blee Bears, Hall 2, Stand 49
Bonhomie Bears, Hall 1, Stand 26
Bradgate Bears, Hall 3, Stand 104
Brierley Bears, Hall 1, Stand 19
Bumble Bears, Hall 4, Stand 145
Burlington Bearties, Hall 3, Stand 90
Christopher’s Chairs, Hall 1, Stand 21
CodeName Butterfly, Hall 1, Stand 30
D’Lyell Bears, Hall 3, Stand 70
Do Do Bears, Hall 4, Stand 134
Dot Bird… Restoration, Hall 2, Stand 33
Earth Angels Studios, Hall 3, Stand 72
Foxglove Bears, Hall 4, Stand 152
Frou-Frou Bears, Hall 1, Stand 15
Futch Bears, Hall 3, Stand 96
Gill Dobson Bears, Hall 4, Stand 162
Natalia Grosu, Hall 2, Stand 45
Gyll’s Bears, Hall 2, Stand 61
Leanda Harwood, Hall 3, Stand 76
Hidden Cove Bears, Hall 1, Stand 6
Higgys Bears, Hall 3, Stand 109
Hoblins, Hall 3, Stand 67
Pam Howells, Hall 3, Stand 117
Hugoshouse, Hall 3, Stand 71
Jan’s Tiddy Bears, Hall 3, Stand 78
Jeremiah Bears, Hall 1, Stand 13
Ju-Beary Bears, Hall 1, Stand 23
K.M. Bears, Hall 4, Stand 138
Kaz Bears, Hall 4, Stand 132
Kevinton Bears, Hall 1, Stand 24
Kitty B Bears, Hall 1, Stand 29
Volha Kotava, Hall 2, Stand 50
Olena Kulakovska, Hall 3, Stand 129
Lake District Bears, Hall 3, Stand 66
Lefty Bears, Hall 3, Stand 131
Little Teds by Suzanne Carss, Hall 2, Stand 62
Mary Myrtle Miniatures, Hall 1, Stand 11
Melancholy Toys, Hall 2, Stand 47
Mohair Bear..Supplies, Hall 2, Stand 38
Monton Bears, Hall 4, Stand 146
My sweet Teddy by Yunia, Hall 3, Stand 116
Nana’s Bear, Hall 2, Stand 60
Julia Nazarenko, Hall 3, Stand 115
Nessa Bears, Hall 3, Stand 123
Never Just a Bear, Hall 4, Stand 153
Old Bears Lodge, Hall 2, Stand 51
The Optimists, Hall 3, Stand 68
Marina Osetrova, Hall 3, Stand 98
Pic-Nic-Bears, Hall 4, Stand 159
Pipaluck Bears, Hall 1, Stand 3
Pipedream Bears, Hall 3, Stand 75
Puzzle Bears, Hall 1, Stand 22
Sue Quinn, Hall 3, Stand 74
Sally B Gollies, Hall 4, Stand 154
Samantha-jane Bears, Hall 1, Stand 32
Scruffie Bears.., Hall 4, Stand 163
Shantock Bears, Hall 4, Stand 164
Julie Shepherd, Hall 3, Stand 105
Mary Shortle, Hall 3, Stand 100
Simplybearsbydebbie, Hall 1, Stand 12
Somethings Bruin, Hall 2, Stand 48
Elena Stanilevici, Hall 3, Stand 124
Stonehenge Bears, Hall 3, Stand 101
Sue Pearson Bears.., Hall 3, Stand 95
Susie’s Button Bears, Hall 4, Stand 133
Teddy Station, Hall 4, Stand 148
Teds from the Tyne, Hall 1, Stand 10
ThReAdTeDs, Hall 3, Stand 114
Tickety Boo Bears, Hall 4, Stand 137, Hall 1, Stand 1
Nadezda Uibopuu, Hall 3, Stand 89
Vectis Auctions Ltd, Hall 1, Stand 27
Whittle-Le-Woods Bears, Hall 2, Stand 54
Xipi Totec, Hall 4, Stand 156
Tatiana Zelenkova, Hall 2, Stand 35


Promotional images

Please feel free to download these images and use them to advertise the fair.