Welcome to the Hugglets Club for Teddy Bear Enthusiasts

Picture: Kris Tan, stock.adobe.com

Since 1987 we are bringing teddy bear collectors artists and dealers together through our Hugglets Teddy Bear Festivals and the annual Hugglets Teddy Bear Guide. Now we are giving this wonderful community a new home – the Hugglets Club for Teddy Bear Enthusiasts. It opens the door to an astounding variety of exclusive wonders and brings the community closer together. Join us today to enjoy a full year of events, useful information and fantastic surprises. Please fasten your seat belts and be ready for a marvellous year with us.

This is what you can expect in 2022:

Hugglets Festivals

  • 1 Ticket for the Hugglets Spring BearFest (Sunday 3rd April 2022)
  • 1 Ticket for the Hugglets TEDDIES Festival (Sunday 18th September 2022)
  • 1 Ticket for the Hugglets Christmas Extravaganza (Saturday 26th November 2022 online)
  • Early entrance to the Kensington Festivals (10.30 am for Club members, 11.30 am for the public)
  • Raffle tickets during the Festivals with the chance to win:
      • 2 £50 shopping vouchers to spend at Hugglets Festivals and
      • 1 £100 shopping voucher to spend at Hugglets Festivals for Club members only

Hugglets Teddy Bear Guide

Exclusive reports from international Bear Shows

  • Closed members-only Facebook group with extensive photo reports from international bear shows and contents of our Hugglets Online Festival.


  • 1 ticket for the world’s greatest bear show TEDDYBÄR TOTAL in Münster, Germany

All offers are subject to availability. There might be changes or cancellations during the year.

How much will all of this cost?

The whole package is worth more than £50, but it will cost you only £1 per month:

Only £12 per calendar year for UK members
Only £20 per calendar year for international members (this includes shipping of the Guide)